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Great place to live!!! Office staff are always friendly. Great space for a great price!


One of the best apartments I've lived in. The staff is always friendly and willing to work with you. The grounds are always kept really nice and it is a very quiet complex. The rooms are pretty big for apartments and the bathrooms are huge. Highly recommend.


These apartments are a perfect fit for families. The neighbors are nice. The apartment complex itself is really clean. The maintenance is fast and helpful and reliable. If we didnt want a house we would stay here for a long time!!


I really like it here. Theres a few yappy dogs and the new manager is a priss. But overall its a nice place. If you have pets its a little pricey to get them in but worth it over a fine. Nice pool and complimentary cookies!!


I lived here for 2 years and I loved it! I loved the fact that we didn't have to worry about the utilities, they were included in the package that came with the property. They never changed in price, so it was really easy to budget. I think the community is very well kept and the people are nice. The staff in the office is awesome! They make you feel like you've known them forever and they are always willing to help. The maintenance staff is efficient when it comes to work orders! They have a 3 hour service policy and they really do fix whatever is broken in that 3 hours, most of the time during the 1st hour. I have referred many friends to Goldstone and they have all enjoyed it immensely! I think the only thing I didn't like was that the sink only had the one area to wash, but that is where the great dishwasher came in! I would highly recommend living here to anyone!


Update- I have been in my new community since September. While I do enjoy the my unit and how much space I have and the rent is cheaper- I do miss my washer/dryer, the maintenance team fixing and clearing the walks ways when the snow has fallen, the grounds to walk my dog around during the warm months not having to deal with loud parties at night, the list goes on. While my old team of Goldstone was the best team I have ever worked with, I didn't give the new time (minus the skinny blond employee) a chance to work with. This was my issue having to deal with work and other matters that were happening at hand. This really was the best community and the longest community I have lived in. And I can honestly say I do miss being a member of it. I would strongly recommend this community as a consideration for a place to live. May it be a short term or long term. This really is a great community.


So far being here for a few months I have had nothing but amazing service from the staff, and I like my apartment very much. Pet friendly, good prices, and...


I have been here almost two years and find the apartment complex a great place to live. Whenever I have had maintenance issues, the guys were very prompt and professional. The ladies in the front office are very cheerful and are a pleasure to talk to.



The apartment homes at Goldstone Place are well-maintained & comfortable. After 2 years of living here, I would absolutely continue on. The radiant heating, though slow to heat at first, was a nice change for all the allergy sufferers in my family, & it's location is close to both freeway access and amenities, though perhaps not as convenient for those without a vehicle. The management is constantly working to upgrade the apartments and facilities & the property is well cared for. For the low cost of living for the units, This has been an almost entirely positive experience for my little family. If I were to voice a complaint, my only issue would be a lack of storage space, as the only real closet space in the main living area can either be used as a pantry, or a linen closet, when really, both would have been helpful.