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I've been really enjoying living here. It's spacious and really nice. The only things I would change is lighting in the living room and more storage space. The staff is friendly. There is a nice fitness center and indoor year-round pool. It's great!


I've been living here for one week today, and I do not regret moving in. The three ladies in the office bent over backwards in aiding me to finish all the required paperwork and they handled everything else for me as fast as they could. It took me a week from the time I first applied until I got keys to the apartment only because my previous apartment complex was horrible at everything they try to do. (Layton Meadows) My one bedroom here at Goldstone with a washer and dryer already included is ALOT bigger than my previous 2 bed 2 bath apartment at Layton Meadows. I would highly recommend moving into Goldstone Place because of their wonderful staff, extremely spacious apartments, great amenities, and reasonable prices.


Me and my husband moved in March of this year. The apartment is really spacious and they are kept neat and clean. Our apartment came with a brand new washer and dryer; both of which run amazingly. It is a little more pricey than other apartments, but all utilities are included and the price will never go up or down (for the most part, they did say it went up $10 once for the utilities). If I had to complain, it would be that they don't allow any pets besides cats and dogs, but that's not too big of a deal. The walls are practically sound proof; I would yell out to my husband in the living room from the master bedroom, and he can't hear me (which is kind of annoying when I'm trying to get his attention). All together, it's a decent place to live.


Goldstone is a nice, affordable place to live. I will have lived here for over one year without any major problems. I would definitely recommend it to...


Goldstone is a nice, affordable place to live. I will have lived here for over one year without any major problems. I would definitely recommend it to...


Goldstone is the place that truly has it all. My Dad currently lives there and I must say my sister's and I couldn't have picked a better place for him! His apartment is a very specious one bed room ground level with no stars at all. Very helpful because of his bad knees. He can pay his rent, utilities, cable and renters insurance with one check. For my sisters and I this is a big deal. That's 4 more bills we DON'T have to keep track of. The staff is very nice and helpful. If he needs anything their on top of it. Like the same day on top of it, sometimes less than 15-30 minutes. The ladies in the office are friendly and professional. They send out updates, thank you cards and fun notes to let him know they care and are there for anything he needs. My Dad thinks its cool they remember his name and apartment number. The maintenance staff is the best I've ever seen. Believe me with my husband and I being military, we've had our fair share of experience living in apartments. My dad never has to wait to have something fixed. Not in the two years he's been there and they must fix it right the first time because its not that often he has to have something fixed and it's never the same thing. Oh and the snow removal is better then the city streets! We never have to deal with it. It's taken care of weekdays, weekends and even at night. I was worried one day about that bad ice we had, so I called the office for my dad to ask if they could make sure it was taken care of outside his building to find out from my dad latter on it was already done. No need for the call but they put some extra ice melt down for me to make sure of it anyway. On top of their outstanding service they have great amenities. My niece and nephew LOVE LOVE LOVE the indoor pool. I won't lie sometimes I enjoy the indoor hot tub as well. My Dad works out 3-4 days a week in the fitness center. (It's the doctors orders) In two years there has never been a machine out of order. We've never had a problem that was to big to come back from. I know when it comes time to move, my husband and I will be living at Goldstone, so we can rent our place before the move. It really has been a blessing to know that my Dad lives somewhere where the staff cares about him as a resident. If you don't live here over everywhere else in Davis County you don't know what your missing. I hope the next place the military takes us, we'll be lucky enough to find an apartment community that will live up to Goldstone's standards because for my family they have really set the bar high!


This is an AMAZING place to live. The staff (both office and grounds staff) are friendly and helpful. One of the biggest reasons my wife and I chose to live here is that the staff were inviting and they made us feel like they wanted our business. The grounds are always clean, and well kept, apartments are huge, and the staff is second to none. All and all this place is a great home!